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Our journey so far………

In early 2013 we decided to embark on a build in our area as it was almost as cheap as buying what we wanted to live in. We sold our home and set about finding land in the same area. Fortunately we were able to rent back our original home while we go through the build process (phew one less stress!!!). Below is a timeline of our progress prior to starting this blog. We can only say that up until this point Wisdom Homes has been excellent (particularly the sales staff). They have answered all our questions promptly via email and phone. They have met their time frames within 2-3 days. They have credited us for standard items we deleted and not charged us for some of our other variations. Overall we cannot not fault their efficiency. We were worried as we had read many things about their back office being slow and the administration being difficult, but we have not experienced any of this…..so far……

Timeline so far

Early February – We found a possible block of land and set about finding houses that might suit the block dimensions and our needs

February 21- We made contact with Wisdom to ask for a siting for a Washington 29 home on a possible land purchase

February 22- We received a reply from Wisdom with a draft siting of the house on our block of land

March 25- Tender process commenced for a Washington 29. We also commenced a tender process with another builder at the same time as we liked both homes equally. We knew we would be out of pocket by about $1000 but we hoped that following the tender process with both builders we would have clarity on the home that we wanted (price, dimensions, inclusions, etc.)

April 10- Received borehole and survey diagram by email from Wisdom

April 12 – Exchanged contracts on our land

April 19- Tender presentation

April 24 – We accepted the tender with amendments. We decided to move forward with the Wisdom Tender over the other builder purely because the house was slightly cheaper overall and had a smaller footprint on the land. We made some changes to the standard Washington 29 plan.

May 24 – Settled on our land….YIPPEE!

June 4- Received draft plans from Wisdom within their 4 week time frame. Pretty good overall. We needed to make minor changes to the plans.

June 25 – Received final plans. We had concerns about the facade but Wisdom homes indicated that they could be resolved if we wanted to come in to view and sign the final contract. We wanted to avoid delays by the plans being ammended again, so went ahead with the contract meeting.

June 26 – Signed building contract with post contract variations to enlarge and move front window of the facade to meet our requirements. Following signing the contract there were some concerns about our water tank encroaching on a Sydney Water Asset however after some backwards and forwards discussions between Wisdom and ourselves we managed to resolve the situation satisfactorily. Wisdom were a great help.

July 9 – Colour appointment/selections finalised.

July 10 – DA application submitted to council so now the fun begins!


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