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Kitchen Appointment…..

So we had our kitchen appointment today with MiiKitchens. The lady was really professional and took us step by step through everything. We kind of had an idea of what we wanted beforehand so that always makes it easy. We have included an amount in our tender to allow for kitchen upgrades so I hope this amount covers what we want. We definitely want to remove the overhang and widen our island bench to make space on the reverse sides for cupboards (without handles). We currently have an overhanging bench with stools in our house but no one really ever sits there. We think it will be more useful to use this space to store some of the kids toys. The style we have in mind is a similar concept to island bench below (interestingly this was from the other house we originally liked). We have also added a second set of pot drawers as we love them in our current house and you can never have too many!!


We are also awaiting further quoting on cutlery tray, blum soft close drawers, stainless steel kickplate for the oven and a parchment finish to the walk in pantry cupboard to blend it with the rest of the kitchen.

Overall we we happy with the layout of the bathrooms and their included fixtures (although we have already upgraded the towel rail in the main bathroom to make it larger- it is 600mm long standard – try fitting two large towels on that!). This means we don’t need to use the extra allowance we included for the bathrooms….Yippee!!!

Overall it only took us about 30-45minutes but we knew pretty much what we wanted. We now await the quote in about 4-5 days and then we get the CAD drawings, flyover, plans etc.


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