Electrical, Kitchen, Flooring and Air Conditioning Variations done!!!

Kitchen- As I indicated earlier our kitchen appointment with MiiKitchens was great. Here is what we plan.


  • Laminex Parchment cupboards
  • Osprey Caesarstone benchtops
  • Horizontal square brushed chrome handles
  • Decoglaze Latte Splashback



  • Increase island width from 800mm to 900mm wide with island moving 100mm towards the fridge
  • Reverse cabinetry 500mm deep along the rear of the island bar with push catch in line of breakfast bar
  • 2x lamiwood pantry doors in parchment to wisdom square set reveal
  • Additional 1070mm of overhead cabinets adjacent to fridge

Bathroom: We did not make any variations to the bathroom vanities and we were happy with the tapware.

Air-conditioning:- The guy was lovely but as I said in an earlier post this was a bit of a waste of time in terms of visiting the shop.

  • one extra control board downstairs as they automatically put the controller upstairs as it has to be within 5metres of the roof unit. The downstairs one comes with a temperature sensor so if downstairs is warm enough it will switch off.

DiLorenzo Flooring:- Once again I had reservations about our appointment with DiLorenzo based on all the blogs and feedback we had read. Our appointment was easy though and took about 30minutes. The staff were very helpful and once again were not pushy about trying to ‘upsell’ us.  In fact we had to ask to see the more expensive range of floor tiles. Maybe it helped that we had been in 2-3 times before and knew our way around and what we were thinking. We have a floor tile that is a little more grey than we thought in the beginning. This was suggested by the lady at DiLorenzo and we are actually much happier with this tile choice as we think it fits better with our carpet and colour tones. We have the same floor and wall tiles throughout all bathrooms and the laundry.

  • Carpet: Godfrey Hirst Gauntlet Dark Ash


  • Floor tile: 300 x 300 Ash floor Tiles (there are a few ash floor tiles so this is not very descriptive)
  • Wall tile: 330×550 Tempo Antique White Gloss
  • Floorboards: Verdura Antique Coffee Bamboo Floorboards
  • Outdoor Tile for porch: 30×30 Black Tile (but it is actually grey!)


Electrical:- Our appointment with Clipsal was great. This was a very daunting process as you get a plan and a whole bunch of allowances to position prior to your visit. What a nightmare! We had no idea about the numbers of lights we needed etc. It would have been useful to get a little more information than the clipsal catalogue they send you. We were able to think about powerpoints etc. but when it came to lighting we knew we wanted fans and downlights and that was about it. We knew this was going to be our most expensive variation too and we had planned for this with a sizable amount in our tender. We ended up going over the the tender amount, but we were under with nearly all our other variations, so it all averaged out. We wanted LED downlights throughout the open spaces downstairs and so we got Wisdom to install these. The Clipsal lady also made lots of recommendations about the positioning and  number of downlights. This ended up reducing the overall number of downlights to less than we thought  which was great. Other than that we have batons installed through the rest of the house. We love ceiling fans in our current house so we will be installing light fans in all the bedrooms and the upstairs living area. We also have a position downstairs in the leisure room for a fan.  We also have:

  • 3 up down lights out the front
  • 3 batons above the island bench for hanging lights
  • A baton above the dining table. We measured the length of our table and how much space we would need from the wall to centre this light over the table.
  • lots of extra powerpoints in the house especially the kitchen, leisure area and office.
  • A couple of outdoor powerpoints
  • A couple of extra data points

So that’s the choices all made for a while………now we wait!!!!


2 comments on “Electrical, Kitchen, Flooring and Air Conditioning Variations done!!!

  1. Great blog please keep up the good work. My kitchen, electric, stair and air appointment went well.

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