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The wait continues

Not much to report everyone. The engineers report should come back by Tuesday to let us know what will happen next. The CSO has indicated that it is not a complex hydraulics situation so hopefully that translates to not expensive 😉 . We have passed the time by starting to look at fan lights for […]

Ahh our first road block….maybe speed hump….

Well after not hearing anything from Wisdom for a couple of weeks (so much for the weekly updates) we were becoming a bit concerned as we were told if there were no problems we would get approval within a week of the neighbour notification ending.  We decided to email Wisdom to see what was happening. […]

Still waiting….

Yep we are still waiting for DA approval. It has been about 4 weeks now so hopefully we hear soon. We went out to the block the other day and it was nice just to walk around. Someone has already started building next to our block and a few other houses have DA’s underway at […]

Kitchen plans

So a few weeks have passed since we lodged our DA. The neighbour notification stage ended early this week. The Wisdom staff indicated that our council is quite an efficient council so  hopefully in the next week or so we might get some confirmation  of approval. We keep checking our online DA portal but it […]