Rejection can be so hard!

Well we heard back from council again…. Not good news I’m afraid. We have been required to resubmit further amendments to our application. It seems there are a few factors combining to slow our process.

1) In the original letter from council the assessor had requested some BASIX amendments which seemed rather extreme. Wisdom had contacted the council and received assurances from the assessor’s team leader  that these and some other points were not a concern and would not need to be changed (I bet this made the assessor happy!). Guess what …….. the team leader has been on holidays and doesn’t get back until next week and guess who is the current team leader………… our assessor! Yippee! this means he just sent the letter back to Wisdom last week with many of the same points on it that had been there before. Full credit to Wisdom they have decided to still try and get it through this week by getting their own external BASIX assessment. If this doesn’t work however I guess we will just wait until next week when the old team leader is back.

Wisdom informed us that the assessor was not the nicest man in the world. We actually called council again ourselves and spoke to the assessor and we would agree with Wisdom… ‘not the nicest man in the world’ is a fair description.

2) Wisdom didn’t highlight some of the points that council requested in the re-submission. This meant that although some of the information was there, the assessor didn’t see it.

3) Wisdom also had made a few errors themselves and this is a little frustrating as it delays the process further.

4) The assessor has thrown in a few extra points that weren’t on the submission request. How could Wisdom be expected to address these points if they weren’t actually on the letter requesting more information. Weird process if you ask us.

Well the long and the short of it (actually more long) is that we hopefully will go back into council this week for an approval for next week…. fingers crossed.


3 comments on “Rejection can be so hard!

  1. The assessor is abusing his power surely. Petty we can’t complain about them 😦

  2. All the best for re-submission.

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