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Our thumbs are getting tired from all the twiddling

So this is the slowest part of the whole process as we just wait for Wisdom to wrap everything up. It is not anything we weren’t anticipating as they had told us it takes a few weeks to get everything finalised. So it turns out we received a letter from our bank in July with […]

We got there…..I think!

Well Wisdom fixed the non-compliance notice today which was two very minor points. 1) Our BASIX notes had to be amended to include the correct rainwater collection amount 2) The structural details needed to be amended to indicate a soil class of High (H1) as per the Geotechnical classification. I assume this may have been […]

Well you wouldn’t want to be in a hurry!

So here we are still waiting for our approval. We haven’t been on for a while as not a lot has happened. In general the only thing that has progressed are our frustration levels. Anyway here is a bit of a run down. To cut a long story short since the last post we have […]