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We got there…..I think!

Well Wisdom fixed the non-compliance notice today which was two very minor points.

1) Our BASIX notes had to be amended to include the correct rainwater collection amount

2) The structural details needed to be amended to indicate a soil class of High (H1) as per the Geotechnical classification. I assume this may have been a big cost problem for us if we had gone with the original recommendations from the Wisdom contracted engineer, who had indicated an M class slab and non exposure bricks were ok. Not quite sure about all this but we had already upgraded our slab to H1 anyway and had exposure grade bricks put on the house. Hopefully this means we don’t have any further costs and Council has now given conditional approval for our DA………HOORAY!!!!! :: :z: Santa has come a little early!


One comment on “We got there…..I think!

  1. Well done! Not long to go before the construction start 🙂

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