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The sun is shining….

Well the sun is shining, the birds are singing, our chicken house has been rotated in the veggie patch and hopefully this week we get some bricks delivered. There was a bit of rain around and that seems to have killed off any brick deliveries last week. It actually only rained on two days as […]

Windows are in

Our windows were delivered yesterday and installed in the afternoon today. Things keep moving. There was one minor error… they installed our fixed window for the kitchen upstairs and our sliding window downstairs. The site supervisor called me to apologise and say he would solve the problem Monday. Great response from Wisdom….not sure how the […]

Frames are flying up!

Well the builders have only been at it about 2 full days and this is what they have done!

Framing has started

So our frames were delivered yesterday and today there was a plenty of busy workers flying around the site putting up frames. Now we are excited. They say that progress seems quick on the build until the lock up stage and then everything then appears to slow down while they work on the insides but […]

A brief update

Not much to report as the slab takes a couple of weeks to be ready. The drainage has been done and our site supervisor left a message that we should have our frames delivered this coming Thursday. Once that part starts then things hopefully will seem to happen quite quickly for a while. There has […]