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Cladding, lower eaves plus a bit more

This week saw the lower eaves completed and the external cladding put on. A fair bit of extra carpentry work was done around the site such as putting framing around those air conditioning channels we discussed last week (which by the way appear to be boxed in the cupboards), around the external windows, some extra framing internally […]

Electrical and a bit more cleaning

This week the electrician’s went through and wired everything up and we had a bit more of a clean of the bricks so they are looking great (although then someone splashed mud all over the front but you can’t stop that). We asked for a meeting to run through a few things with the SS […]

Lower roof tiles completed….

So a bit of rain this week but the contractors managed to get quite a bit done still. This week saw: the scaffolding taken down the fascia and guttering installed for the lower roof the safety fencing put up for the lower roofs sarking and roof tiles installed for the lower roofs the ducting installed […]

Eaves and downpipes painted and a brick semi-clean.

The eaves are painted and the downpipes are now painted at the top floor level. Most of the bricks have been cleaned although there are parts that aren’t cleaned. We assume they just focus on the top floors for now and do a spruce up later. It is nice to see our actual brick colour […]

Additional info from the SS

The SS phoned this afternoon so the plan is for the eaves and boarding to be done tomorrow by the carpenters. The downpipes will go in and then the brickwork cleaned. Next week the scaffolding comes down to the first level and the lower roofs completed. Then they start the insides!

Bricking is finished

So our bricking was completed yesterday morning which was great considering the rain they had to contend with last week. We are just waiting to hear back from our SS about what happens next and the timeline as we haven’t heard from him for a week or so. He has been pretty responsive to our phonecalls overall so hopefully […]