Bricking is finished

So our bricking was completed yesterday morning which was great considering the rain they had to contend with last week. We are just waiting to hear back from our SS about what happens next and the timeline as we haven’t heard from him for a week or so. He has been pretty responsive to our phonecalls overall so hopefully we hear from him today. The Wisdom admin was very quick this time on getting us an invoice for the bricking which came through last night. Enjoy the photos.20140331_162405

20140329_172047 20140401_155325   20140401_15534820140331_161855






3 comments on “Bricking is finished

  1. So exciting to see how things are coming along!
    You are almost in the same stage as Transformation, so I can imagine how you feel when you see the updates.

    best wishes

    • Thanks raquel for visiting. Not quite at Transformation stage. He is about 4-6 weeks ahead but it is so exciting to have walls!!!!

    • By the way any further news on your place at Voyager Point?? Scrap that question I just looked at your blog and read the colour selections. Your place is going to look great if it is anything like your images!

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