Eaves and downpipes painted and a brick semi-clean.

The eaves are painted and the downpipes are now painted at the top floor level. Most of the bricks have been cleaned although there are parts that aren’t cleaned. We assume they just focus on the top floors for now and do a spruce up later. It is nice to see our actual brick colour and we are so happy with them!!! There were some parts of the downpipes that were a bit roughly painted up near the eaves but I think they err on the side of caution so they don’t get grey on the nice white eaves. We can’t really see those bits from the ground.

20140405_155537 20140405_155631 20140405_155724 20140405_155739 20140405_155846 20140405_155420 20140405_155519


5 comments on “Eaves and downpipes painted and a brick semi-clean.

  1. Looking great!!

  2. Hi Jazz_J, I hope you are well and had a great Easter.

    I’ve been following your blog since we placed deposit for tender with Wisdom Homes last year November, I’m also building Washington.

    I love your roof tile colour, is it Tungsten as you mentioned in earlier post? It seems much darker than the picture showed in the brochure, the brochure picture seems dark grey to me.

    You have a great blog and nice selection on your house. I’m looking forward to more progress in your house built.


    • Yep the tile is tungsten. It is a dark tile and the brochure doesn’t do it justice. We went and had a look at Bristile because we thought the same thing.

      • Thanks so much Jazz_J. Did they mention when the house built is complete? It seems very close to me, you may probably move in by end of June. Hope everything goes smooth on your built 🙂

      • no they haven’t given us an end point and we haven’tasked to be honest so we don’t get our hopes up too much. We are thinking the end of June based on other builds and the original build contract including wet days and time off for Christmas. Here’s hoping!

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