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Electrical and a bit more cleaning

This week the electrician’s went through and wired everything up and we had a bit more of a clean of the bricks so they are looking great (although then someone splashed mud all over the front but you can’t stop that). We asked for a meeting to run through a few things with the SS onsite. We were concerned that one of the courses of bricks weren’t quite square with the window frames  (i.e. they touched at the top but there was a gap at the bottom) so the SS said he would get the brickies out to fix it up. It wouldn’t matter if the gap was consistent but the fact it started square and got wider meant it would look messy at the end.

We also went through how the brick ties were done and the height at which the weep holes were located. The SS was really helpful and he wasn’t sure about one aspect of the bricking and he said he would get it checked out for us.

Subsequent to the meeting we noticed that the ducting for the air conditioning to the lower floors was positioned through 2 of the cupboards. The SS had already asked to put one boxed piece of ducting down through our master bedroom in line with the wall indent but we hadn’t noticed these other pieces of ducting. The other two pieces of ducting are more of a concern as we hadn’t been told about them, they make the cupboards smaller and also if you open the cupboards we don’t think you want to see ducting or just a blank wall hiding ducting behind it. We understand we need to get the ducting down from the roof but we hope that this has been planned for and perhaps the cupboard sizes adjusted so it doesn’t look odd. The SS is great so we think he would have a plan for this…… we hope.

Clean Bricks

20140418_153609 20140418_153436

20140418_153431 20140418_15401520140418_153354


Wires everywhere for down lights


Cupboard Ducting

20140418_154313 20140418_154142


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