Cladding, lower eaves plus a bit more

This week saw the lower eaves completed and the external cladding put on. A fair bit of extra carpentry work was done around the site such as putting framing around those air conditioning channels we discussed last week (which by the way appear to be boxed in the cupboards), around the external windows, some extra framing internally and also the framing to hold the gyprock roofs for the porch and outdoor leisure area. We also had the council inspection on Thursday and the gyprock has been delivered in preparation for next week!! The SS indicated that the insulation should go in Monday or Tuesday and then gyprocking and the stairs will be put in. Enjoy this week’s snaps.

Cladding to front and rear

20140423_160810 20140425_080615

Carpentry boxing and framing

20140423_161304 20140423_160630

Piles of gyprock and cornice everywhere inside!


Lower eaves completed

20140425_080541   20140425_080846


2 comments on “Cladding, lower eaves plus a bit more

  1. Hi there!
    Do you have a PCI date?? My guess end may?? middle june??
    house is looking better and better 🙂

    • Hi Raquel. No PCI yet. We don’t want to get our hopes up too early! We might enquire after the gyprocking is finished but we still think the end of June is the likely time frame based on other builds/blogs. Will let everyone know as soon as we hear anything. All the things look good on your build. The next part for feels so slow but hang in there!

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