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Painting has commenced

Not a great deal happened this week. The tiling was pretty much completed over the weekend and then the painters were in during the week for a day for some rough first coat painting and prep work. The plumber must also have visited to do some additional works and put in some sinks. We also had […]

Tiling and some other bits an pieces

Lots of little things were being done at various times during the week but the major tiling only got underway on Thursday afternoon but it looks like they might be pretty much finished. Other achievements for the week included: water tank arrived downpipes extended to ground level floors sanded smooth bench tops installed garage door installed broken […]

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry

This week saw the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry installed. We are very happy with our handles, layout and colours as it is the first time we have seen them in a large form and it seems so long ago since we looked at all those things. The cabinets went in Monday and so we popped by […]

We’ve been locked out!

Our doors have been locked up. Yes our photos will now move to stealth mode as we try to organise whatever internal pictures we can sneak from outside the house. This week saw: the internal and external doors hung a large amount of cornice work, door and window frames completed our stairs installed the wet areas were waterproofed […]

Gyprocking and some visitors…

This week saw the gyprocking done. The cornices still need to be completed however the SS says that the stairs should be done next and the house should be at lock up stage by the end of next week. We are looking forward to the lockup as we have become familiar with some of the […]