We’ve been locked out!

Our doors have been locked up. Yes our photos will now move to stealth mode as we try to organise whatever internal pictures we can sneak from outside the house. This week saw:

  • the internal and external doors hung
  • a large amount of cornice work, door and window frames completed
  • our stairs installed
  • the wet areas were waterproofed and inspected
  • the missing tile in the roof installed

Next week will see the kitchen and bathrooms installed and the SS said the floor tiles should be delivered later in the week, and if he can, he will try to get the tiler in (we can hope but we aren’t counting on it). It really feels like the SS is trying to move the process along and he won’t promise anything he can’t be confident he can deliver. We appreciate this as he has been the most helpful part of the build process since right back at the sales stage. He has addressed every concern we have had an has usually organised something to happen very quickly in response.

Anyway enjoy the photos we got before the lock up. We missed getting the waterproofing photos and some of the cornice work, but we will try to get these next week if we can.

Under Stair storage                                                    Stairs

20140507_162655 20140507_162625

More stair photos

20140507_162634 20140507_162815


20140507_162534  20140507_162614 20140507_162527

Unpainted front door                             Unpainted laundry door


Stay tuned as hopefully we might organise a walk through in the next week and have some kitchen and bathroom shots! Woohoo!



4 comments on “We’ve been locked out!

  1. So pleased that you have got to lock up! Was sad for you re the vandalism and pray that all will go well from here. Love the stairs…… brings back memories.

  2. I saw these green doors before, and always thought who choose this colour… now i realise it has to be painted hahah.

    I like the stairs 🙂
    I hope to see more pictures coming soon

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