Let there be light!

The electrician completed his work this week and put in LED downlights, external uplights, the alarm, powerpoints, lightswitches and batons for lights. We assume other stuff is connected as well by the electrician but of course we can’t see it. The SS said this evening that the tiler has finished as well. We will need to go back and have a look at the front steps to see what is different. Next week will bring porcelain ponies, baths and hopefully the plumber to fit it all out. After that it is the painters again to finish off all their painting and then the house is cleaned for the big day as we don’t have any other tiling to be done. The SS didn’t say it and because he only left a message we weren’t able to ask so hopefully next week we might have some idea of when we can book our flooring people…… Very exciting!!!

We managed to catch the photos below through our windows as we haven’t been able to get in this week. We decided not to do a grid downlight look as we don’t really like that in our current house and instead we have a combination of hanging lights, a fan and downlights in the living/dining and kitchen area and we have positioned the downlights where  they are needed….hopefully.

Outside showing uplights, the alarm and water tank

20140606_135116 20140606_135527


Looking through the windows into the kitchen, leisure and dining areas

20140606_135342 20140606_13530820140606_13543120140606_135251

Looking through the window into lounge area roof

20140606_135145 20140606_135151

Well it is off furniture hunting this weekend and some more problem solving about making a chicken tunnel to our vegie patches. Our ladies will be very happy with the plan i hope.



8 comments on “Let there be light!

  1. Looking great!! So exciting! BTW -who are Ben and Holly?

  2. I love the chicken tunnel. I look forward to learning more. We will have a few chooks once the gardens are done too!

  3. Hi Jazz_J, we went to our construction site today. The frame is up!! just wondering how the ceiling height is measured? we upgraded our ceiling height to 2740mm for ground floor and 2590mm for first floor. This height is measured from the concrete slab to the top or it’s measured from the actual floor (i.e. after tile/floor board/carpet is installed)?
    do you feel the beddroom is small? The master bed doesn’t look spacious either by looking at the frame. >.<

    • HI Joyful Jessie.Great you are moving along! I will take in some folding chairs this week to show you some space as we have a meeting with the window coverings people. We will also get to take some nice photos which will be great! In regards to space in rooms it is hard to know what you are comparing size too. They do feel bigger when the gyprock is in! They are what we expected but if you were expecting the room sizes of say a Majestic 40 then yes I guess it is smaller. In regards to roof height I can’t remember to be honest. A good question to ask your SS. I will ask my mate to and see what he says because he measured it for us.

  4. I can see you packing already! I will ask you for advise re chickens… we are also planning to have a couple..plus puppy + cat +baby…hahah next year will be interesting!

  5. Actually the cat isn’t ours…..it just thinks it lives here. It has tried to make special friends with the chickens unfortunately they don’t quite appreciate its advances.

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