PCI today

So we had our PCI today…..about 2.5 hours of fun! We did have lots of chats with our SS so this probably slowed down the time a bit. Anyway there were lots of little paint bits, little holes in mortar, a few pointing points, small dents in woodwork, window frame scratches and chips to fix. Nothing really major but the things we were glad we looked out for were:

  • Window scratches- the brickies sometimes wipe the windows when they spill something and because it is sand based it can scratch. We went at a time in the day when we could see the scratches easily in the light and found 3 windows that will be replaced. You need to be able to see the scratches well beyond 1 metre. You wouldn’t have noticed ours if the lighting was different.
  • Electrical plan. Nothing was out of place but there was a couple of changes with the preparation for our fan lights and the SS was able to call the sparky and clarify what had been done which was all ok.
  • Brought a level (actually we had measured a couple of things before with the level) and we were able to show that a couple of things weren’t square which will be fixed.
  • Checked under benchtops at the joins between the benchtop and cabinetry.
  • Checking all window winders as a few needed tightening
  • Checking doors were not moving in their frames when closed

Overall we are now due for handover on Thursday next week. Our timber floors and additional tiling after handover will go in on the following Monday and then we hope to start moving in properly within a fortnight!!

Our house currently looks like a mountain range as there are piles of dirt everywhere while the landscaping and retaining works are underway. We might post photos next week or wait until our floorboards are in and then give a big photo run down as we will also be putting some furniture in by then as well.

Anyway we have attached a PCI checklist which we adapted from a few threads. Feel free to use it and adapt it as you see fit as it came from others. We didn’t stick to it perfectly but it gave us a reminder of what to be looking for.





5 comments on “PCI today

  1. congratulations Jazz_J and thanks for sharing the PCI checklist 🙂

  2. Yes, congratulations! I’ve been following your blog since day one and it’s great to see your build finishing. Thanks for the regular updates (and the PCI checklist which we’ll hopefully use later this year).

  3. Thanks everyone. It is so good to be this close…..yet it still seems like there is so much to do. Can’t wait to just sit on our lounge in our new house and have a cup of tea…..or perhaps something a bit stronger!

  4. We just completed handover and booked handover next week. After PCI, how long the OC will be issued? For NAB, without OC, they will not release the final payment.

  5. Sorry Washington26 just saw your question. Sorry you must have gone through this process now. To be honest we got an interim certificate and our bank was fine with that.

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