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And another thing!

We did say we would cover a couple of things  a little later in the blog including the splashback and bathroom stories. Well it isn’t very often you get a freebie from a project home builder…..we actually got a couple so we kept quiet but I guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Our freebies included:

  • free floor to ceiling tiles in the ensuite. BARGAIN! We actually only requested this for the main bathroom but in hindsight we should have asked for it.
  • melamine shelves to linen cupboard – we didn’t upgrade this but it was put in. BARGAIN!
  • Gyprocking under the stairs. We were told this wouldn’t be done but it was BARGAIN!
  • Splashback to the roof….this was done we thought but then mysteriously it wasn’t. Our SS was adamant that there never was splashback to the roof but we had the photos. The SS said it was probably just shadow in the photos but ah well easy come easy go!
  • Rangehood prestige upgrade…BARGAIN!

So overall looks like we did pretty well. Makes up for some of the extreme overpricing of certain things…but not much!


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