Oops forgot the blinds

The blinds were installed by Wisdom’s preferred installer Betterview Blinds. We had three quotes from different installers and Betterview were the cheapest. Everyone used the same blind product so it wasn’t about the materials and Betterview actually gave a longer warranty than the other blind people. They were also quick and we were very happy with the quality of the work by the installer. Overall for double blockout and sheerweave blinds for all large windows plus venetians for the windows at the front it was about $4900.


2 comments on “Oops forgot the blinds

  1. Hi! How long before did you contact them? and is it true that they don’t have an office?

    • To be honest I don’t know if they have an office. All the quotes we got onsite with people bringing out the product. One of the companies was a well known one as well and we still had them show us the material onsite. If you really want to look at the coverings up then go to a shop and look because they all use exactly the same materials so the quality is pretty much identical (it is only at the prestige end of window coverings where the variations in quality start to occur). We contacted them about 4-5 weeks before completion as that is about how long it takes them to manufacture. We contacted them after we had the other quotes.

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