Sorry Everyone!!!

Sorry everyone for the delay we will try to post now weekly until the landscaping is finished and to show some of our rooms when they are done. We still don’t have internet in our new house so it makes blogging a little tricky but no excuses. Hopefully by next week all will be rosy.  Our landscaping should be finished by next week hopefully as well. We love our home by the way and we are really happy. We have found lots of little messy bits from the painters which we had missed (we actually think the painters were a bit slap happy). Here is a bit of a summary about some of the things we have done:


Ahhhhh. We really wish we had of got our builder to do the floorboards even though we ended up getting it cheaper. What a hassle. Turns out we had to cancel Just Floors and seek a refund and then ordered the same floorboards from DIYfloorboards.com.au. They delivered the next day and we managed to find some excellent installers who started on the Friday from jjtimberflooring.com.au. JJ Timber floooring were quick and very thorough. In the end we possibly got better installers than we might have. The only thing we can think with Just Floors why they wouldn’t install is that they underquoted in the sale stage and then it was better for them to refund us the money rather than install. We just wish they could have told us earlier so we could have organised things rather than just not showing up and then us having to chase them for 3 days to the point one of us had to sit in the shop for half a day until the manager contacted us. Overall the manager was very unhelpful and unresponsive. All our flooring cost us about $7500.

Cupboard Fitout:

Our cupboards were fit out by Reflections Wardrobes. Sam was super efficient and installed everything quickly and with great attention to detail. He was very clean too which was awesome. We highly recommend his work and have attached some pictures. For the fitout of the cupboards of the three bedrooms and walk in it was about $3000.


Our lights came from Elaine’s World of Lights in Castle Hill. The ladies there are very helpful, they have a good concept of matching lights to your house and their lights are quality and super cost effective. They sell out of this little warehouse in Castle Hill but we were really happy with their service. Overall our lights cost about $2000 but this included 7 Hunter Pacific fan lights.

Light Install:

Our lights were installed by Ron Larson in Baulkham Hills. He is a lovely man who is retired and he charges about $25 per light and $75 per fan light to install. He is kind of like your grandpa telling you how to operate everything and really taking the time to walk you through how stuff works. He is really honest and even brings a pair of slippers to work in. He said “I got some new slippers for Christmas and I didn’t know what to do with these old slippers so I thought I could use them at work as they work just fine.”

Tiling the alfresco

So this was a bit of a disaster. We had to sack our tiler as he had layed the tiles crooked (the tiler was recommended by Beaumont Tiles but we didn’t get our tiles from there). In the end we probably should have got the tiles through Wisdom. It cost us about 2200 all up to buy the tiles and have them laid but it should have cost about $1800 if we didn’t have to sac and rehire.


So we went with AAA City removalists as we had used them to move one of our workplaces and they were excellent at the time. When we have moved in the past we have used cheapy men out of places like Gumtree and actually they have been pretty good but we though we would go with a reputable company. Turns out we had to put in an official complaint as they didn’t use removal blankets and some of our furniture was damaged (even some blood was spilt on our mattress….yuk!). Of most concern was a new hardwood table we had only just had delivered and put in our garage. We hadn’t even used it and it was moved only from the old house to the new house. By the time it got there were scratches all down one side like it had been dragged along the concrete or floor of the truck…….Argh. lucky it is hardwood and we can sand it but that is pretty attrocious removal work if you ask us. Anyway we got in.


We got our lounge at Custom Design furniture in Castle Hill. Turns out we didn’t need it custom designed and they had one that fit perfectly in the space . It cost about 2200.


We have an awesome landscaper John from Nicholson Landscaping. He may not be the fastest worker but he is fastidious. i think he must check measure everything about 7 times. I haven’t seen him make even a slight error in his work and he has put up our fencing. The Wisdom Landscapers were good but John is excellent and he can pretty much do anything. For the same price as the Wisdom walls they put in John has put in two walls of similiar length (but higher) and done our fencing. Can’t recommend him highly enough however you might have trouble getting him to help you as he has pretty much been booked out by all the builds around us after they have seen his work. Hopefully we will have some pictures for next week to show you and we will take you through that in more detail.

Here are some photos- sorry about the quality…should have wiped the phone lense.

20140806_161423 20140806_160518 20140806_160546 20140806_160712 20140806_160906 20140806_161042 20140806_160702 20140806_160554 20140806_160533 20140806_192519 20140806_192533 20140806_192548 20140806_161552 20140806_161106


13 comments on “Sorry Everyone!!!

  1. Looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  2. Hi, I am building Washington 26 with Wisdom. How did you install shelving and cabinets for internal and walking wardrobe? thx

    • We deleted the standard walk in wardrobes and had new ones installed by Reflections wardrobe installers. See the sub heading ‘Cupboard fitout.’ We organised Sam to measure during our PCI week and he had them made/installed within the week after handover. Very efficient

  3. Are they cheaper? I’m thinking buy a walk-in wardrobes in IKEA or customer make.

    • I would think it is comparable. lets say you took a PAX wardrobe system from Ikea. A 3 wardrobe frame without any drawers, shelves etc is about $400 per set. You need three of those for the 3 bedrooms plus another 3 for the large walk in. This means you are looking at about 2000-2400 just for the cupboards without anything in them (no shelves, bars etc). Now factor in your time, a better job overall and those additional things you would need to buy and I think it is pretty reasonable.

  4. Hi Jazz, we planned to do the tiling in the alfresco after handover, but after reading your experience, I may go with Wisdom tiler. So you supply your own tile and they lay for you? what did they charged you for laying? and can they do it prior to handover?

    I was shock the tilter company charges us $5000 for outdoor tiling so we quickly decide not to go with them but engage external supplier to do it.

    In your view, is it possible to ask them to lay the outdoor with my own tile supply and extra cost pay? so it is done and ready in handover. Who and when we can talk to them?

    • I don’t think Wisdom will lay your own tiles as Dilorenzo does the lot. I would probably recommend going with Wisdom unless you are doing really large tiles and then it might be worth getting your own. One hassle we didnt need.

      • Thanks Jazz. I just checked the breakdown from Dilorenzo’s quote, the labour charge was 3 times over the cost of tiles. Remind me when I didn’t accept it during the time 🙂

  5. Did you install the fan in upper bedrooms? If so, what is the height of second floor? I think its cool feature but seems scary.

    Would you share Ron Larson in Baulkham Hills contact details.

    Many thanks!!

    • Standard second floor heights. Ron Larson We will be posting our final fixes and final photos in a week or two as Wisdom are starting their fixes and then we will be finishing the blog….good luck. In regards to ron’s number i will need to look it up. Can’t seem to find his card anywhere

  6. Looking forward to see more pictures of your house. Your pictures and feedback are encouraging after long and shock admin process.

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