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Stay away from AAA City Removalists

Our AAA City Removalist Review

So with all the rain we can’t really post any great advances in our house. So with the depressing weather we thought we would go on a rant. As you all were aware we weren’t exactly happy with AAA City Removalists such as scratching our wooden furniture, dropping blood on the mattress and other general dodginess. So we decided to put a complaint into the business. In essence we just asked for an apology, that the issues would be discussed with the removalists and we said we would leave it up to them to decide what compensation they thought we should get (we would have simply been happy with an apology). Below is their warm and fuzzy response

“Sorry for the delay in responding. We ask all our customers prior to the move to
1.      Read our terms & conditions,
2.      We also have a clear message under insurance on our website stating that we do not have full insurance,
3.      As a further sign of our transparency we send out a confirmation clearly reiterating the message on insurances,
4.      We have a record of you acknowledging that you do not have full insurance and provided you with the options to be fully covered which you did not take up
5.      Lastly, you signed the contract prior to the removalists starting the job again acknowledging that you have read and understood our terms and conditions which goes one more step and points out the non provision of optional breakage and handling insurance.
We have made a concerted effort to advise you of our relationship, our contract and in particular, what you are and aren’t covered for.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned, AAA City Removalist cannot take this matter any further.”

Ahh isn’t it nice to know that customer service is still at the forefront of business in Australia. We actually do have insurance for the move through our home and contents insurer but the point here is the company doesn’t accept any responsibility for bad work. In essence they say it is our fault they did a bad job. Hmmmm our advice is to steer clear. We will let the old department of Fair Trading and ACCC know about their dodgy dealings but we just don’t want anyone else to suffer the same fate as us.

Stay away!


One comment on “Stay away from AAA City Removalists

  1. Can’t believe this. So dodgy….

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