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How We Did Our Landscape Plan….

We had a question about how we did our landscape plan. We didn’t get Wisdom to do it but then we also didn’t have a DRP requirement to submit a specific plan prior to building as we are not in an estate. If we needed a plan I probably wouldn’t have gone through Wisdom but […]

Request for Costings

We had a few requests for how much our landscaping cost. This is difficult as we had our retaining walls put in as well which was the bulk of our costs! We also did a lot of the works ourselves (particularly buying the trees, landscaping the front of the house and the garden beds, building […]

Our second last post….. maybe……hopefully

The fun rain over the past couple of weeks has slowed our landscaping considerably…..That and the fact John the landscaper is a bit of a perfectionist and not a particularly fast worker. He has been great though and has done lots of little things for us. Here are some pictures of our landscaping. The only […]