Our second last post….. maybe……hopefully

The fun rain over the past couple of weeks has slowed our landscaping considerably…..That and the fact John the landscaper is a bit of a perfectionist and not a particularly fast worker. He has been great though and has done lots of little things for us. Here are some pictures of our landscaping. The only thing left is our side of the house fences, our chicken coop and chickens to come back and our dog to come back (she has had a very long holiday at our parents place) + building the shed and reassembling the trampoline.

Overall this cost us a little more than we like to think about but we love it. Here is where we got some of the stuff:

Trees and plants:

  • Daleys Nursery: grumichama trees and red shahtoot mulberry
  • Yalca Trees: Fuyu Persimmon and Pomegranate trees (all semi dwarf)
  • Flower Power: Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Ballerina pink lady and Gala Apple trees, 1 Flowering Gum (dwarf/grafted), 2 x Native limes (CSIRO developed)
  • Hargreaves Nursery: Variety of flowering natives and 2 flowering Gums (dwarf/ grafted varieties)
  • Swanes Nursery: Lavenders
  • Engalls Nursery: Cumquat Tree, Dwarf Washington Navel, Meyer Lemon Tree, Imperial Mandarin Tree, Valencia Orange Tree, dwarf nectarine tree
  • Cabbage Tree Nursery: Flat Mat Jasmine groundcover

The turf is Nara native turf and is a little brown still as they had some serious frosts a couple of weeks ago before laying but this is extremely drought tolerant and is a native (if a little contrived by the CSIRO) so that makes us feel good. It is also cheaper than Sir Walter which is what we were going to lay so that is also a bonus!

We will probably just post one more time at the 3 month review and have all our photos uploaded then. Then it will be time to say goodbye and thanks for watching.

Here are some photos

The Backyard

Fruit trees in the foreground and a flowering gum in the distance in both photos

20140915_170225 20140915_170240

Flowering Gum, synthetic grass play area and veggie patches to be filled

20140915_170304 20140915_170247

Alfresco and stepping stones along the side of the house

20140915_165915 20140915_165751 20140915_170153 20140915_170201

Front of the House

The is a slim Japanese Maple if you can see it and a lockable box for the boys bikes from KETER

20140915_170008 20140915_165953



7 comments on “Our second last post….. maybe……hopefully

  1. amazing!! we’ll start landscaping soon as well. Can I pls have the contact of your landscaper? do you mind telling us how much you spent on landscaping?

    • Wonderful Joyfuljessie you are almost there!!. Are you moved in or do you need your landscaping done first???? Anyway I put in an extra post for costs as I had a few people send through enquiries so happy reading

  2. Thanks, Jazz. Construction will be done by the mid of next month. Do you mind sharing the contact of your landscaper? we want to get the quote and get landscaping started as soon as handover is done.

  3. Thanks, Jazz!! really appreciate!

  4. Hi Jazz, your house looks great. For the freebies, did you know upfront during the build or it was a surprise? I hope they do the same to me but like to know if I need to ask for it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing lot of pictures, the supplier information and your feedback, it’s very helpful and so excited to see a great house built.

    • Hi Redfernpoint. It was a surprise and the site supervisor was a little upset he had overlooked a couple of things in allowing them so I wouldn’t bank on it being able to happen at your place but here is hoping!

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