Request for Costings

We had a few requests for how much our landscaping cost. This is difficult as we had our retaining walls put in as well which was the bulk of our costs! We also did a lot of the works ourselves (particularly buying the trees, landscaping the front of the house and the garden beds, building the sheds, buying and laying the mulch)so this also changes the cost a bit but here is an idea anyway.

Wisdom Landscapes cost about $10000 to the retaining walls which ran both sides of the house. They also put in half the stepping stones. We actually wanted all the retaining walls put in before we moved in hence we got Wisdom to do them. It turned out we had some difficulties with organising the rear retaining wall with our neighbour and so John did this wall and the stepped wall across the back. The stepped wall at the rear of our house was about 15 metres long and 400mm high and cost about $1600 with John including finishing and keying in the wall to the Wisdom walls. Our wall was constructed of Austral Heron Blocks in slate. Overall we probably should have got John from Nicholson Landscaping to do the lot as he was much cheaper but we didn’t conceive having the rear retaining wall issues prior to handover. Many people won’t have these costs as they won’t need to retain as much.

Fencing was shared of course but John put in all our fencing. The cost was $66 per lineal metre for a 1.8 metre high fence (so half this cost per neighbour). John is a perfectionist when it comes to things so having had a number of fences built over the years in our other houses I haven’t seen fencing as neat as his.

The synthetic grass down the side of our house was $2500 and was done by John.

The Nara Turf was $6.50 per square metre from ABC Turf. They lay the turf for an extra $1.50 per square metre so we got them to do it rather than John.

Other works John did cost us $4000 and included:

  • Raising and sealing our surface drains
  • Cutting down and leveling our pipes
  • raising and levelling the garden using an excavator
  • Preparing soil for turf
  • treated timber pine sleepers cut to fit under fences and boxing the manhole
  • Aluminium metal edging outline around the paving
  • White stones around the pavers and beside the house
  • Laying 12Trojanstone pavers 600 x 300 ebony
  • putting in our clothesline and letterbox (he actually just did this without charging)
  • Levelling our veggie beds so they sat square

Our costs:

  • The plants: all varying prices
  • The mulch:- 3 cubic metres of mini nugget mulch
  • Garden soil: 6 cubic metres of premium garden soil

So overall more than we like to think about…..but we love it. Take out the retaining walls and you are looking at about $8-10000.

EXTRA ADVICE…… Also we recommend buying a cleaner and sealer and sealing all your outdoor tiles early on. They become filthy while your landscaping is done (if you have kids that is!!!) and require some serious scrubbing to remove the dirt. Probably would have been easier if we sealed them early on. After a good sealing most dirt just washes off easily.


2 comments on “Request for Costings

  1. Hey Jazz, thanks for another great post. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I want to thank you for the time and effort you have put in maintaining your blog. I hope you and your family gain many years of enjoyment from your beautiful home.

    I was just wandering about your landscape plan. Did you get Wisdom to do it for you (@ 850 dollars it is quite expensive!) or did you do it yourself? Do you know how to go about preparing a plan like this?

    By the way, I’m building a W29 @ Minto and I’m waiting for some post contract variations to come through.


    • We did our landscape plan ourselves. It wasn’t a requirement for our build as we didn’t build in an estate and therefore we didn’t have any DRP requirements. Our bank also only required us to have an interim occupation certificate to release the funds which I have heard some banks won’t allow depending on how much you borrow/build value. I might just make a blog post today or tomorrow about how I went specifically about the landscape plan but because we didn’t need the landscaping fixed before we finished construction we were able to add things as we started the landscaping in more of an evolving process ………which is how we like to garden!!!!

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