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Chaos reigns!

Yes we are in the middle of flooring being laid, lights being installed, blinds done, landscaping works, hiring and firing dodgy tradies, minor fixups still from handover, box packing, house tidying and generally just a nightmare- oh yes and one of us has to go to work too! Our official move date is Monday and we will put some pictures in when everything hopefully finishes on SUNDAY!!!! Anyway we have also had a nightmare with our flooring company not delivering and laying our floorboards. We have had to change flooring companies and get new floorboards and installers all in the space of 2 days….Stay away from Just Floors is all we can suggest. We will give a full run down of all our fix ups and post some photos of our house which we are loving despite all the dramas!

Stay tuned for Sunday/Monday and we will post happily from our new house.


PCI today

So we had our PCI today…..about 2.5 hours of fun! We did have lots of chats with our SS so this probably slowed down the time a bit. Anyway there were lots of little paint bits, little holes in mortar, a few pointing points, small dents in woodwork, window frame scratches and chips to fix. Nothing really major but the things we were glad we looked out for were:

  • Window scratches- the brickies sometimes wipe the windows when they spill something and because it is sand based it can scratch. We went at a time in the day when we could see the scratches easily in the light and found 3 windows that will be replaced. You need to be able to see the scratches well beyond 1 metre. You wouldn’t have noticed ours if the lighting was different.
  • Electrical plan. Nothing was out of place but there was a couple of changes with the preparation for our fan lights and the SS was able to call the sparky and clarify what had been done which was all ok.
  • Brought a level (actually we had measured a couple of things before with the level) and we were able to show that a couple of things weren’t square which will be fixed.
  • Checked under benchtops at the joins between the benchtop and cabinetry.
  • Checking all window winders as a few needed tightening
  • Checking doors were not moving in their frames when closed

Overall we are now due for handover on Thursday next week. Our timber floors and additional tiling after handover will go in on the following Monday and then we hope to start moving in properly within a fortnight!!

Our house currently looks like a mountain range as there are piles of dirt everywhere while the landscaping and retaining works are underway. We might post photos next week or wait until our floorboards are in and then give a big photo run down as we will also be putting some furniture in by then as well.

Anyway we have attached a PCI checklist which we adapted from a few threads. Feel free to use it and adapt it as you see fit as it came from others. We didn’t stick to it perfectly but it gave us a reminder of what to be looking for.





PCI moved forward and lots of little things

We had our check measure for our floorboards today and took the opportunity to wander around the house…..It is feeling like a home now and it is so nice to be able to see where furniture will go etc. While we were there all the site was being cleaned up ready for landscaping to commence. We were really worried the windows would be all scratched when they cleaned them but because of all the north sun that comes through the windows we were able to check and they have done an amazing job!

The other news was that our SS called and the PCI has moved forward to Wednesday next week at 9am! We doubt that all the landscaping will be done by PCI but the insides just need some sealer and carpet and that is pretty much it. We have already started noting little touch up points but you never know, they might have cleaned all these up by Wednesday.

Enjoy the photos…. sorry if some are blurry.

Glass splashback- we love how it sits along the window sill-

20140704_130238 20140704_130246

Our push close cabinets along the island bench for storage (toys for the leisure area etc.)

20140704_130329 20140704_130146

Powder room, Main toilet and bathroom, then ensuite

20140704_130030 20140704_130041 20140704_130849 20140704_130844 20140704_130826 20140704_130519 20140704_130508

Heaven! ….err walk in pantry


Airconditioning ducts, door handles and linen press

20140704_125947 20140704_130902 20140704_130854 20140704_125930

Lounge Room, Looking across the kitchen to leisure area and down the stairs 

20140704_130005 20140704_130311 20140704_130914

Our front door

20140704_132917 20140704_132908


The tunnel is finishing!!

We have seen the light at the end! We received our official PCI date for Friday July 11 with handover 1 week afterwards! We are still wrestling with our retaining walls in our backyard but everything else is moving well. This week has seen the walk in pantry fitted out, the termite treatment system done and some extra gyprocking repair completed after our SS went around and found a bunch of problems. There will be a bit more painting, a clean, some carpet and the driveway/landscaping all to be done before handover so they still have a bit of work to do.

On a slightly humourous note it is like the Wisdom administration just don’t want us to forget their difficulties with organisation. We received our PCI letter giving us a handover date only to receive a subsequent letter the following day with a date that said PCI for June25. After falling off our chairs we then received a subsequent email saying “Please ignore the first one (it was actually the second one!) as the PC date is incorrect” and then we received the original letter we had been sent. Ahh now things are back to normal and the world is as it always was! How comforting!

Double towel rail upgrade, alarm, sliding doors and automatic garage door

WP_002613 S__DB20 WP_002614 WP_002618

Termite reticulation system and outdoor powerpoints

20140625_072729 20140625_072803


More things but no PCI yet!!!

A mid week update as a few exciting things have happened bringing us ever closer to the illusive PCI. We had the glass splashbacks, shower screens, mirrors and towel rails installed. The SS still won’t give us a definitive date yet. I have a feeling he is waiting to see about the speed of the driveway lay but we will see. There is 1 coat more of paint, the airconditioning connection, the pantry fit out and some carpet really as the last things for the inside. The tiling is being redone at the moment at the front and then the landscaping but that is about all we can see apart from a clean up. Well here is hoping we are nearly there. Sorry about the dodgy photos …they were taken in a hurry on a not so high quality phone.


WP_002607 WP_002608


Main Bathroom (note you can see the heat light in the mirror….mmm the warmth)

WP_002606 WP_002605

Kitchen with splashback…… We love it. We were so unsure and what a relief to see it works!

20140618_162103 20140618_162149


Painting, Painting, Painting..and a bath

So for those who want to walk around a Washington. They look like they have opened the Washington 32 at Gregory Hills. Wish we had of been able to do that before we started building. This week saw a bunch of little things done. We met with our window coverings person, had most of the internal plumbing and electrical finished and lots of painting. Our SS has indicated PCI should be 2-3 weeks but no official date yet. We also had the outside painted. We are not sure if we like our cladding colour. Strangely it is the only advice on colours we got from the Wisdom colour consultant. All the rest we worked out ourselves. Maybe we should have done the whole lot without any advice. We can’t decide if we should have gone light or a very dark grey like we originally planned or even a brown with a grey tinge to it. Anyway it won’t be much to change the colour with a coat of paint once we handover and it will obviously look different once we put our drive and landscaping in.

Anyway enjoy the photos this week.


20140612_111558 20140612_111547 20140612_111535

Main Bathroom

20140612_111726 20140612_111710 20140612_111716



20140612_110833 20140612_110754

Assorted areas

20140612_111849 20140612_112701 20140612_111818

Our front…to go darker grey to match the roof or to go brown or surfmist….hmm



Let there be light!

The electrician completed his work this week and put in LED downlights, external uplights, the alarm, powerpoints, lightswitches and batons for lights. We assume other stuff is connected as well by the electrician but of course we can’t see it. The SS said this evening that the tiler has finished as well. We will need to go back and have a look at the front steps to see what is different. Next week will bring porcelain ponies, baths and hopefully the plumber to fit it all out. After that it is the painters again to finish off all their painting and then the house is cleaned for the big day as we don’t have any other tiling to be done. The SS didn’t say it and because he only left a message we weren’t able to ask so hopefully next week we might have some idea of when we can book our flooring people…… Very exciting!!!

We managed to catch the photos below through our windows as we haven’t been able to get in this week. We decided not to do a grid downlight look as we don’t really like that in our current house and instead we have a combination of hanging lights, a fan and downlights in the living/dining and kitchen area and we have positioned the downlights where  they are needed….hopefully.

Outside showing uplights, the alarm and water tank

20140606_135116 20140606_135527


Looking through the windows into the kitchen, leisure and dining areas

20140606_135342 20140606_13530820140606_13543120140606_135251

Looking through the window into lounge area roof

20140606_135145 20140606_135151

Well it is off furniture hunting this weekend and some more problem solving about making a chicken tunnel to our vegie patches. Our ladies will be very happy with the plan i hope.